Boiling Water Treatment

https://watersourceoflife.files.wordpress.comThere are three vital “commodities” in life for most living creature existence.  The absence of anyone of these commodities for a prolonged period would eventually result to death.  Throughout this entire blog the basic assumption is that “death” is not an option of choice.  The three vital “commodities are air, water and food.”  My focus in this article is on water (el agua).

Our bodies require water in order for us to function normally and to replenish the lost water due to perspiration.  How do we acquire the water that we depended on is safe for drinking?

The most affordable and the easiest among other methods of treating water is boiling.. Boiling water treatment is also the oldest way of ensuring that the water is safe at least for drinking.

Boiling water treatment is considered the best compared with other water treatment procedures. In boiling water treatment the presence of harmful bacteria, parasite, and virus that could possibly cause diarrhea are killed and thus, eliminated. However, boiling, filtering, or chemically treating water will not remove chemical or floating petroleum toxins.  For you bottle water people understand that boiling water treatment might affect the taste of water. In order to prevent this from happening it is advised that salt be added; at least a pinch will do to enhance the taste.

But how do we really do the exact and proper way of boiling water treatment? Are the steps easy to follow?

Yes in fact special equipment is not needed. A simple pot, kettle or steel water bottle will do.  Very dirty water should be filtered first with a cotton Bandana or other material (will be discuss in future article) to remove sediments.

If you are in the field (without a thermometer) you should heat your water until it reach a rolling boil (212° F or 100° C) and a drop of chemical disinfectant after a minute from boiling, will also help to ensure that water is now safe for drinking.

If you are in a place where you have a thermometer than:
30 minutes at 160° F
3 minutes at 185° F
Instant at 212° F

Do not contaminant your water by adding any untreated water/ice – be safe boil it all.
Boiling water treatment goal is to kill all pathogens in your water making it potable and safe for you to drink.  Boiling is the best step and the cheapest too, because again water is life, definitely.


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